Rates & Schedule



My schedule is flexible. My rate varies depending on where the lesson is and how long the lesson is. I offer discounts for people who buy 4 lessons upfront (1 month) and for families with 2 students in the same household. Please contact me to discuss specific rates! I accept Venmo, checks, or cash. 

Vocal Lessons

Any level, specializing in pop, jazz, musical theatre, etc.


Every vocal teacher has a different method and style of teaching. My education and teaching style is based on the CCM methods taught at Shenandoah University plus my years of experience as a singer and performer in various projects and bands. I am obsessed with vocal science and health so you will get a lot of nerdy anatomy lessons mixed in with the more traditional imagery. 

A typical vocal lesson lasts 1 hour. We will spend 20-30 minutes working on warm ups, technique and ear training, then the remainder of the class we'll work on a song. 

For parents of young beginner singers: it's ok to start you child's music lessons with vocal lessons! Despite what you may have heard, it's not harmful! In these lessons I like to focus less on technique and more on learning how to site sing/read music, ear-train, and of course have fun! 

Piano Lessons

Any style & any level


I am a trained classical pianist, but my training was a bit unconventional. I was taught a Suzuki style method when I was a kid. Not only was this type of training fun & rewarding,  it has proven to be extremely helpful in the pop, rock & jazz worlds that I perform in. Later, I learned more traditional methods & how to site-read. 

I like to incorporate some of this type of ear training into the lesson, in addition to traditional methods and techniques. Typically in a 1 hour lesson we will spend 30-45 minutes working on site reading, scales, & a classical piece, followed by about 15 minutes a piece that the students wants to learn by ear. This could mean learning anything from another classical piece to a Taylor Swift song. 

Song-writing & Production Lessons



These lessons are always catered to each student's specific goals. If you want to work on lyrics, melodies or learn how to produce your own songs - we can do it all! I usually recommend 1.5 to 2 hours for these lessons, even if you want to work every other week.